Bill Mensch, ECE Alum, Named 2017 Top Embedded Innovator

After graduating from the University of Arizona with a degree in electrical engineering, William "Bill" Mensch has gone on to be a major contributor to the designs of the microprocessors used by Motorola, Apple, Atari, Nintendo and more. One of Embedded Computing Design’s 2017 Top Embedded Innovators, Mensch also helped establish the fabless semiconductor business model upon founding WDC in 1978. 

"I was involved with pioneering both the intellectual property, IP cores, business model and the 'fabless' semiconductor business model used by many companies today," Mensch said. "My philosophy from the beginning has been 'when my licensees succeed, we succeed!' WDC’s IP licensing today holds true to this original philosophy and is flexible and customizable to support both the application and the licensees’ best interests."

University of Arizona College of Engineering