Xin's 3-D Printing Tech Lands Cover of IEEE Publication

Cover of Proceedings of the IEEE featuring Hao Xin's researchResearch by ECE professor Hao Xin was featured on the cover of an April 2017 special issue of Proceedings of the IEEE, a monthly peer-reviewed journal published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

The publication highlights work by Xin and postdoctoral researcher Min Liang on 3-D additive manufacturing techniques for electromagnetic components, as illustrated by the cover image: an X-band WR-90 waveguide feed for transmitting energy and an Eaton lens, used in high-frequency antenna systems.

The lens was produced in Xin's UA Millimeter Wave Circuits and Antennas Laboratory, which was one of the first to adopt 3-D printing techniques to make metamaterials – engineered materials with properties not found in nature that are designed to affect electromagnetic waves and sound in ways impossible to achieve with traditional materials.

The lab also uses 3-D printers to make a range of conventional things, such as regular antennas and integrated circuits.

University of Arizona College of Engineering