Tandon Wins NSF Career Award to Improve Big Data Management

University of Arizona electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Ravi Tandon wants to help industries make the most of their big data.ECE assistant professor Ravi Tandon teaching a class

For his research in information theory and coding, Tandon received a $500,000 Faculty Early-Career Development Award from the National Science Foundation, its highest honor for junior faculty members.

The award helps fund Tandon's continued research to make data exchange in distributed cloud computing more efficient – specifically by developing adaptable code and algorithms to minimize communications among machines and help them work together more effectively.

In addition to supporting research, the NSF Career Awards include an outreach component. Tandon is collaborating with the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation to involve high school students and with the Arizona Science, Engineering and Mathematics organization and UA STEM Learning Center to engage K-12 students.

University of Arizona College of Engineering