Designing Wearable Tech with a Twist

Jake Rockland, a junior in electrical and computer engineering, is working with startup Somatic Labs to develop wearable technology that uses touch to guide users.

Somatic Labs' Moment band incorporates touch, as well as sight

"Imagine me tracing a circle on your wrist with the tip of my finger at a fixed rate or a line that goes forward and bends to the left, like an 'L' rotated at 180 degrees," said Jake Rockland. "These physical, tactile cues can intuitively convey information like the passing of time or upcoming turns during GPS navigation. ... It's information that we're used to interacting with, just through our sense of touch rather than visual cues."

Read more about Rockland and Somatic Lab's research in their story in the Arizona Daily Wildcat.

University of Arizona College of Engineering