International Cybersecurity Workshop Comes to Campus

AskCyPertKnowing when and how hackers will strike and preventing and defending against cyberattacks is imperative to the security of nations, industry and individuals as pervasive cyberservices, such as cloud computing, revolutionize the way the world communicates and does business. The Second Franco American Workshop on CyberSecurity  -- set for Jan. 20 and 21, 2014 at the University of Arizona in the Santa Rita Room of the Student Union -- will highlight ongoing cybersecurity efforts and research in the United States and in Europe, including the newest UA cybersecurity projects: Hacker Web and AZSecure.

Alongside industry professionals and experts from other universities, UA faculty will present research about resilient cloud services, securing smart grids and human-centric predictive analytics of cyberthreats, among other topics. Additionally, technology experts from IBM will introduce workshop participants to IBM’s global effort in supporting educational cybersecurity programs.

The workshop is open to students, faculty and community members who are interested in current issues involving cybersecurity. If you would like to attend, please register here.

The event is sponsored by the Partner University Fund (PUF); UA NSF Center for Cloud and Autonomic Computing; and NSF Cybersecurity Scholarship for Service (SFS).

For more information on the workshop and UA cybersecurity projects, visit

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