Introduction to Physical Electronics
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ECE 551A - Physical Electronics 

Credits: 3.00

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Homework:  8 – 10 assignments

Project:  1 project

Exams:  1 Final Exam

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Typically:  50% Final Exam,

50% Project.

Course Summary:

This course introduces the students to the basics of physical electronics. The students are expected to learn: the motion of charged particles in vacuum, plasma, and solid state; the elements of electron optics, relativity and quantum mechanics; classical and quantum statistics; practical applications of Physical Electronics. They will also learn to research the literature on selected topics. 

Graduate Standing

K. E. Lonngren, Introduction to Physical Electronics, Allyn and Bacon, Boston

Course Topics: 

The electron.

Motion of charged particles in electromagnetic fields.

Elements of electron and ion optics.

Elements of relativity.


Compton effect.

Atom models.



The basic ideas of quantum mechanics.

The uncertainty principle.

Schrodinger’s equation.

Tunnel effect.

Classical and quantum statistics.


Electron microscope.

Particle accelerators.

The quantum computer

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Miklos N. Szilagyi
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April 2013

University of Arizona College of Engineering