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Course Name Prerequisite(s)
ECE500A Photonic Communications Engineering I A
ECE500B Photonic Communications Engineering I B
ECE500C Photonic Communications Engineering I C
ECE500D Photonic Communications Engineering II D
ECE500E Photonic Communications Engineering II E OPTI 500A, OPTI 500B, OPTI 500C
ECE500F Photonic Communications Engineering II E
ECE501B Advanced Linear Systems Theory Graduate Standing or Permission of the Instructor
ECE502 Analytical Methods in Electrical Engineering Graduate Standing
ECE503 Probability and Random Processes for Engineering Applications SIE230 or Equivalent
ECE503A Mathematical Methods for Optics & Photonics
ECE503B Software Tools for Photonics Familiarity with wave propagation analysis, component design, and network architecture as taught in OPTI/ECE 500A/B/C.
ECE504 Optical Spectroscopy of Materials
ECE505 Model-Integrated Computing ECE 373. Graduate standing or consent of instructor. Recommend a strong command of C++ or Java programming language.
ECE506 Reconfigurable Computing ECE562, ECE574A
ECE507 Digital VLSI Systems Design
ECE508 Agent-Based Simulation Graduate Standing
ECE509 Cyber Security - Concept, Theory, Practice ECE578
ECE510 Data Compression ECE503 or equivalent
ECE511 Numeric Modeling of Physics & Biological Systems ECE 330, ECE 381, Math 254, PHYS 141, PHYS 143, PHYS 241, ECE 175
ECE512 Reverse Engineering the Fly
ECE514A Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems Graduate Standing
ECE515 Microelectronics Manufacturing and the Environment
ECE516 Introduction to Robotics
ECE517 Measurement and Data Analysis in Biomedical Engineering
ECE518 Stochastic Processes
ECE519 Non-Linear Optimization
ECE520 Optical Materials for Solid-State Laser Systems
ECE521 Complexity Graduate Standing
ECE522 Analog Signal Processing and Filtering
ECE527 Holography and Diffractive Optics Graduate Standing
ECE528 Advanced Digital Signal Processing ECE503, ECE529
ECE529 Digital Signal Processing ECE 340, MATH 322
ECE530 Optical Communication Sytems SIE 305, ECE 340, ECE 352, ECE 381; Concurrent registration: ECE 431.
ECE531 Image Processing Laboratory for Remote Sensing
ECE532 Digital Image Analysis ECE340
ECE533 Digital Image Processing ECE 529 (Digital Signal Processing); Concurrent registration, ECE 503 (Probability and Random Processes for Engineering Applications)
ECE534 Advanced Topics in Optical and Electronic Materials
ECE535 Digital Communication Systems I ECE340A
ECE537 Digital Communications Systems II Graduate Standing
ECE538 Radar Signal Processing ECE340
ECE539 Algebraic Coding Theory MATH415A
ECE539A From Photonics Innovation to the Marketplace
ECE540 Advanced Microelectronic Processing ECE458
ECE541 Synthesis of Control Systems Graduate Standing
ECE541A Automatic Control ECE 340
ECE542 Digital Control Systems ECE 340
ECE543 Nonlinear Control Systems ECE501
ECE546 Semiconductor Processing
ECE547A Advanced Motion Control TAR 501 , consent of instructor, TAR MFA standing
ECE549 Continuous-System Modeling N/A
ECE550 Analog Integrated Circuits ECE 351C or equivalent Electronic Circuits I course
ECE551A Introduction to Physical Electronics Graduate Standing
ECE552 Solid State Devices ECE352
ECE553 Design-Oriented Analysis of Electronic Circuits ECE 351C
ECE554 Electronic Packaging Principles
ECE556 Optoelectronics ECE 352, ECE 381
ECE559 Fundamentals of Optics for Electrical Engineers Graduate Standing
ECE561 Power Electronics ECE320A, ECE340A
ECE562 Computer Architecture and Design ECE 175, ECE 274, ECE372 or consent of instructor
ECE563 Engineering Applications of Graph Theory
ECE564 Advanced Topics in Computer Networks Introductory course on computer networks
ECE565 Microelectronic Packaging Materials
ECE566 Knowledge-Systems Engineering Graduate Standing
ECE567 Computer Graphics and CAD
ECE568 Introduction to Parallel Processing ECE562
ECE569 High Performance Computing: Technology, Architecture, and Algorithms knowledge of computer architecture and digital systems
ECE570 Computer Aided Engineering for Integrated Circuits ECE352, SIE270
ECE572 Continous-System Simulation
ECE573 Software Engineering Concepts
ECE574A Digital Logic ECE 275
ECE575 Object-Oriented Simulation/Discrete Event Models prior course in simulation recommended
ECE576 Engineering of Computer-Based Systems Graduate Standing
ECE577 Computer System and Network Evaluation ECE503
ECE578 Fundamentals of Computer Networks ECE175 – Computer Programming for Engineering Applications (C programming)
ECE579 Principles of Artificial Intelligence ECE 373 or equivalent course
ECE581A Electromagnetic Field Theory Graduate Standing and ECE 381 or an equivalent course at another institution. Math 422.
ECE581B Electromagnetic Field Theory ECE 581A.
ECE583 Remote Sensing Instrumentation and Techniques
ECE584 Antenna Theory and Design Graduate Standing; Prerequisites by Topic: ECE 381
ECE585D Telemetering Systems ECE 340, ECE 381, SIE 305; Concurrent registration, or ECE 435.
ECE586 Microwave Engineering I: Passive Circuit Design Graduate Standing
ECE587 Fiber Optics Laboratory Graduate Standing
ECE587L Photonic Communications Laboratory Some knowledge of EM and semiconductor devices will be helpful
ECE588 Microwave Engineering II: Active Circuit Design Graduate Standing
ECE589 Atmospheric Electricity
ECE625 Advanced Topic: Sensor and Ad Hoc Network Optimization
ECE631 Neural Networks Graduate Standing
ECE632 Advanced Optical Communciations Systems ECE 430/530 or equivalent
ECE633 Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Error Correction ECE 501-B (or equivalent). Typically, basic linear algebra is sufficient.
ECE634 Computational Sensing: Spectroscopy There are no specific course pre-requisites, however, the course assumes a solid understanding of linear system theory (eg. ECE 501), random processes (eg. ECE 503), and introductory optics (eg. ECE 559) at the graduate level.
ECE635 Codes on Graphs Graduate Standing
ECE636 Information Theory ECE503 - Probability and Random Processes
ECE637A Error Correction Coding Graduate Standing
ECE638 Wireless Communications
ECE639 Detection and Estimation in Engineering Systems ECE503
ECE654 Electronic Packaging Design ECE554
ECE659 Advanced Topics in Microelectronics and Solid-State Devices
ECE672 Computer-aided Design Algorithms and Techniques for VLSI ECE574A
ECE676 Distributed Simulation
ECE677 Distributed Computing Systems
ECE678 Wireless Protocols Graduate Standing
ECE688 Electromagnetics Boundary Value Problems

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