Photonic Communications Engineering I B
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Photonic Communications Engineering (PCE) consists of two parts (I and II). Each part is further broken down into three courses: PCE IA, PCE IB, and PCE IC. PCE IA covers optical fiber light guiding, wave propagation characteristics, materials properties, and fabrication. PCE IB covers optical transmitters, receivers and amplifiers. PCE IC covers communications systems, fiber optics networks, and Internet infrastructure. Sections A, B, and C are each 1 credit and can be taken in any combination. When all three sections are taken together the course is designed as a survey, from the device to the systems level, of Photonic Communications Engineering. Reference material for the course is in a digital platform to allow dense hyper-linking between topics so that students from various disciplines can customize the reading material to their individual background knowledge.

University of Arizona College of Engineering