Undergraduate ECE Courses

Syllabi evolve, so does course data such as required textbooks, so please verify all information with an adviser.
Course Name Prerequisite(s)
ECE 175 Computer Programming for Engineering Applications Prerequisite or concurrently enrolled in MATH 122B or MATH 125.
ECE 207 Elements of Electrical Engineering PHYS 241, PHYS 251 or PHYS 261H. Prerequisite or concurrently enrolled in MATH 254, MATH 250B or MATH 355
ECE 220 Basic Circuits MATH 129 and PHYS 241. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment in MATH 254.
ECE 274A Digital Logic ECE 175. Prerequisite or concurrent enrollment in MATH 129.
ECE 275 Computer Programming for Engineering Applications II ECE 175
ECE 304A Design of Electronic Circuits ECE 351C
ECE 310 Applications of Engineering Mathematics MATH 254, ECE 207 or 220, and ECE 275
ECE 320A Circuit Theory MATH 254 and ECE 220
ECE 330A Computational Techniques MATH 223, MATH 254, PHYS 143, PHYS 241 and ECE 175
ECE 340A Introduction to Communications ECE 320A
ECE 351C Electronic Circuits ECE 320A
ECE 352 Device Electronics ECE 351C
ECE 369A Fundamentals of Computer Organization ECE 175 and ECE 274A
ECE 372A Microprocessor Organization ECE 207 or ECE 220; ECE 274A and ECE 275 (concurrent enrollment in ECE 275 ok)
ECE 373 Object-Oriented Software Design ECE 275
ECE 381A Introductory Electromagnetics MATH 223 and ECE 220
ECE 407 Digital VLSI Systems Design ECE 274 and ECE 351C
ECE 408 Agent-Based Simulation ECE 175
ECE 411 Numeric Modeling of Physics & Biological Systems ECE 330A
ECE 414A Photovoltaic Solar Energy Systems
ECE 421 Complexity
ECE 429 Digital Signal Processing ECE 340A
ECE 434 Electrical and Optical Properties of Materials
ECE 435A Digital Communications Systems ECE 340A. Recommended: ECE 310 or ECE 503
ECE 441A Automatic Control ECE 340
ECE 442 Digital Control Systems ECE 320A
ECE 456 Optoelectronics ECE 352 and ECE 381
ECE 459 Fundamentals of Optics for Electrical Engineers ECE 381A
ECE 462 Computer Architecture and Design ECE 369A
ECE 466 Knowledge-Systems Engineering
ECE 467 Introduction to Computer Graphics ECE 275 and ECE 310 (or a basic knowledge of matrices and linear algebra)
ECE 473 Software Engineering Concepts ECE 373
ECE 474A Computer-Aided Logic Design ECE 274A and ECE 275
ECE 478 Fundamentals of Computer Networks ECE 275 and ECE 310
ECE 479 Principles of Artificial Intelligence ECE 373
ECE 484 Antenna Theory and Design ECE 381A
ECE 486 Microwave Engineering I: Passive Circuit Design ECE 381A
ECE 488 Microwave Engineering II: Active Circuit Design ECE 486

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